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CIM offers a full range of online marketing services to help companies use the internet to generate leads, close more sales and demonstrate ROI.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Mobile-Friendly Websites With Google’s recent changes websites that are not mobile-friendly will begin to lose rankings in Google’s mobile search. Don’t let that happen to your website. Chief Internet Marketer …read more »

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  • Content Marketing

    One of the Keys to Authority Marketing is developing the right content. Search Engines, customers and prospects are demanding fresh, relevant and useful content. Chief Internet Marketer provides Clients with …read more »

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  • Marketing Automation & CRM

    Web marketing is about getting customers. You can optimize you site to bring in prospects, but are they being nurtured into customers? That’s the holy grail, but until now it …read more »

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  • Search Engine Marketing

    A key component of online marketing is increasing search engine visibility. This means having a presence on several related terms that prospects are likely use to find your company’s products …read more »

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  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing is and effective strategy for generating and nurturing leads, converting leads to sales and keeping in contact with existing customers. It is important to integrate email marketing into …read more »

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media can be an effective part of online authority building, but there needs to be a strategy and executional plan in place so that companies and professionals are maximizing …read more »

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